Hello, friend.
Although within each product is a user manual, we have created this page where we indicate how our products work in case they carry some type of lighting, technology, or added mechanical part, so that you do not have problems installing them, configure them and enjoy them.

Most of our products are made from biodegradable and eco-friendly materials. In those who have the eco-biodegradable label, do not put them under the incidence of direct sunlight or wet them. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth for cleaning and care and dry immediately.




All our products are personally tested and verified before being packaged for shipment. This is a simple and easy manual of how to connect your lamp smoothly and in the easiest way. The lamp comes ready to connect, along with a USB type connection cable, that works with all compatible USB socket, Mobile charger, computer, laptop, powerbank, USB power output, etc.

Also bring an additional connector in case you ever have problems and thus have spare.


  1. We identify the connector that is located at the base of the lamp (usually in the back), we will see that inside it has 4 small holes.
  2. We take the USB controller cable that comes in the package and proceed to connect it, aligning the 4 tips with the 4 holes indicated as shown in the photo.
  3. Once aligned, we insert the 4 tips into the holes smoothly and without pressing excessively.

READY you already have your lamp ready to enjoy and show off.

3-button USB controller operation:

  • MODE/DEMO button: Change the lighting program. Blinking, dimmed, fixed…
  • SPEED/ON-OFF button: Changes the flashing frequency or duration of the attenuation, as well as the intensity.
    Holding it down turns the lamp off/on.
  • COLOR button: Changes the color of the lighting.




The night light is a support light, which is usually placed on the plugs to accompany children mainly during their rest or as an accompaniment in corridors and places with little visibility.
This light comes to be mounted on a plug which has the possibility to rotate its socket to suit all kinds of connections. Installation is very easy. We place the base on the bulb holder (plug), and put the bulb through the hole at the base of the photo. In this way the same bulb acts as a stabilizer of the photo.




In gifts that incorporate USB light, it is delivered next to it (usually photographed), a USB extension cable plus a USB light like the one in the photo. Such light is Dimmable. I mean adjustable.
You have to take the cable, and at one end (female part), place the USB light in question. Then we take it and place it in the special area of the support of our gift.
How it works is very simple. If we tap once on the back (where there are no lights), it turns on. If we touch again, it turns off. If we touch and keep our finger tight, the intensity will drop until we lift it. If we repeat by pressing without releasing it will increase. If we do a single tap again, the light will turn off.