At REGALOS IN 3D we take the entire manufacturing process of our products very seriously because we know how important and personal they are to you. That’s why we want to explain a little bit how we work, and how the whole process of making your gift in 3D works, from the time we receive your order, until you enjoy it in your home or that special person to whom you are going to give it. Due to the usual process of processing all of this, impression, finish and shipment, our delivery times range from 5 to 10 days depending on product and production. Normally we have stock of everything to be able to supply all our orders, but sometimes due to logistical issues the suppliers with which we work delay the stock of raw materials and therefore in exceptional circumstances this period can take a few more days. If this happens we will notify you, as with any incident about your order.

      • Once you make your purchase through our platform, our management department automatically receives your order and begins processing it.
        We check that all the data is correct and that none are missing, the payment of the product, and the files that you have sent us to confirm that everything is ok. If there are any mistakes, we would contact you personally to look at it. If all ok, the order is passed to the “In process” or “Processing” state and we start creating your custom and exclusive 3D gift.
      • Although many you think that the photos are processed as you send them to us, due to the 3D printing process all the images have to be processed, to improve them both at the image level, sharpness, color and other parameters that we have to retouch so that they adapt perfectly to the gift you have chosen and the corresponding printing system and thus , the result is as close to reality as possible.
      • You send us photographs made with the mobile, with a camera, that were sent to you once by whatsapp, or that you have scanned some photos on paper that your grandfather had, everything is possible, but obviously sometimes they do not meet a few minimums of quality to be able to work, as a moving image, or of very very low quality. If that were the case, our image treatment department would contact you to inform you of the problem and the solution to fix it. We treat images with AI (Artificial Inteligence) programs, which allow us to obtain excellent results even from small images, but also these programs have limits.
      • All the photos you take with any phone today is suitable for processing, as are all the images you download from instagram, facebook, or any social network, website, or messenger program.
      • Once we correctly resize the images, correct tones, color, contrasts, brightness, or include texts if you have chosen it in the final purchase, we pass them to the 3D design department where the creation of your personal and special product really begins.

      • Once we have the images processed, we move to the purely 3D section, where through 3D design and creation programs, our designers will integrate the photographs into the products you have chosen, adapting them and looking for that personal and intimate detail that you all want to give away.
      • Whether it’s a lamp, a keychain, or any of the multiple creations, these are treated uniquely and exclusively by our technicians. Once completed, a check is performed and we send a virtual presentation to the customer to get an idea of the approximate final result of their customized product.
      • After this process, we send it to our printers to print your personalized and exclusive gift.

      • Printing the models is the longest process of production (not counting the time we work in the editing of photographs), because it is the final embodiment of all the work done and in turn the most delicate. Each model can take 1 to 2 days to print. Our printers work 24 hours, 365 days a year at full capacity to meet your demand.

    • Finish
      • Once the impression of the models is finished they go to the finishing section, where if they are incorporated these are eliminated, as well as if they are composed of more than one piece are assembled for their correct presentation. If the models carry a coat of paint, it is at this moment that we proceed to their painting, and like our whole process, we do it by hand one at a time and with total affection and dedication, because each object is unique.

      • Once the whole process is complete, our quality department confirms that everything is within the quality margins in which we work and that everything works correctly.
        From there you move to the packaging section so that with all the love and care you deserve our creations, pack it and prepare it for shipment.

      • Once your gift is finished, we proceed to package it individually and manually. We cover it with bubble paper to protect it during transport. We put it in a suitable box and add the necessary components for use and operation according to the chosen product. We also added a small instruction manual and tips. Finally a warning sheet of the fragility of the product and that you manipulate it with the same affection with which we do it. We close the box, we seal, we put your data and ready to reach your homes or those of that friend, family or acquaintance you want to surprise.
      • We work with most carriers for transport, courier and merchandise delivery. Therefore, depending on the moment, availability and logistics we use one or the other according to the shipping area or the speed of delivery that they provide us at that time. Once the delivery is confirmed by us to the carrier we send you by message to your profile the tracking number of the same. Some of them already offer you the tracking number directly on your purchase order.

      • It is very important for us your rating, comments and recommendations, as this will be continuously improved. As well as ideas that you can think of so that we can create, or improvements in the designs that we already have, because we understand that although we put all our efforts into what we do, there is always improvement possible. The road is on foot, and we’d like you to join us.
      • You already have your 3D gift, for you, your family member, your friend or that special person. Now we would like you to share it with everyone and everyone could enjoy it, so if you send us some photos, or even a small video of how the gift looks in your possession and as a thank you once you receive we will send you a voucher of 10% for your next purchase in
        If you want to see how the gifts of our friends look, do not hesitate to visit the section with their photos.

    • Thank you
      • It’s the last thing and all we have left to tell you. Thank you for trusting us and thank you for allowing us to be part of your story even in an anonymous way. We look forward to seeing you again in the not-near future. Here we will be waiting for you to see you again A strong hug.