GIFTS IN 3D is a project that starts from the computer experience on the one hand, the knowledge of the image and photography on the other, and all seasoned by a touch of technology madness. From all this mixture and after 3 years working with 3D printers and everything that moves around them came the idea of carrying out customized projects using such technology to achieve products that had an added and exclusive value, products that had that “special” and personal meaning that we all seek when making a gift or having a memory of a moment , person, situation or experience.

After that stage, and seeing the success of the products that we produced by hand, because although we use technology, the products are all made individually, personally, and exclusive, both their design and their painting, creation, packaging and each and every one of the processes, we have decided to take the step and move from the phone to the world of the internet and open this shop so that everyone can more easily access our products and creations. We will go up all that we have already done and everything new that we are doing, so that it will serve as inspiration for your perosnal and unrepeatable gift.
It has been years of accumulated experience and 8 months of work on this idea until we managed to start this project. Many hours of sleep, many wonderful moments and others not so much, much testing and rehearsal, trial and rehearsal, and all that comes with wearing a dream, or an idea to be reflected in a tangible reality as it is 3D GIFTS in this its most modern version.
Because before this idea we did not take photos of the products, or the ones we have of some of our products are not very good, we do not have a very extensive sample catalog, but we are expanding it quickly. We have to tell you that the products that we present to you, are fully adaptable and customizable, that is, even if there is a lamp with the photo of a baby, it can be modified by any theme and if you like a type of base and a type of screen, because we do it to your liking. EVERYTHING in 3D Gifts suits you.

We started this project officially in June 2020, right in the middle of a global alarm situation as exceptional as the pandemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, and that will surely become an anecdote in a few years, but of which we want to record on this page as one of those pitfalls that we have overcome until we achieve it.

From 3D GIFTS,we only have one idea, to make our products reflect feelings, the same ones we put in every creative and manufacturing process. Thank you for being here making company for us in this we hope you long journey.

Here you can read more about us and our work.