• How long does it take to process my order?
    We usually give a delivery time of 5 to 10 days from the confirmation of your order and the payment of it by the bank. This time is based on the entire process of creating your gift and all the processes it goes through before it is finalized for shipment. These processes can be seen in our MANUFACTURING PROCESSsection.
  • I can use the photos of my mobile, tablet, computer, …?
    Of course. You can attach the photos from the gallantry of your mobile. Both those you have made, those that have been sent to you through networks, or those that you have captured from a friend’s profile in their networks to give them a nice gift. If there are any problems with the photos, our digital treatment department would contact you to find a solution.
  • What payment systems I can use.
    We work with the REDSYS platform through Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA),which allows the use of any credit/debit card with total security through its payment platform. This allows us to offer the highest security in payment operations in the market with an ever-updated service against fraud and abuse. You can also pay by bank transfer on one of our accounts (ING and BBVA) that will appear to you when making the payment and once this option is selected.
  • I can use Paypal to pay for my purchases.
    No, we do not have a payment gateway with Paypal, because although it is a widely used by many users and we could implement it technically, as a company involves assuming high settlement times as well as costs in its services that would lead us to increase the prices of our products above the price that we consider correct to correct that difference. We consider it better to work with a reference in electronic payment such as Redsys and BBVA so that you do not have to pass on that added cost to the prices.
  • My credit or debit card doesn’t work.
    If you have problems with your card, please contact your bank. Please note that for security, payment by card is made on a secure payment gateway and requires the secure e-commerce keys provided to you by your bank, not being sufficient with the cvc. If you do not know these keys, you can contact your bank or make the payment by transfer.
  • When will my order arrive?
    Our orders take up to 48 hours from the time they leave our warehouses and are delivered by the transport agency that you chose at the time of order. Exceptionally, remote areas can be delayed by 24 hours on these deadlines, due to the transport agency’s own logistics. Although our shipments are super fast, keep in mind that on weekends, holidays and holidays reported on our website we do not prepare orders at the same speed for a personal theme available.
  • Do you ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla or to other countries outside the peninsula?
    Yes, we ship to everyone, including the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and EU countries and around the world. The system will automatically offer you the best shipping option.
  • Can I return a product I purchased from the online store?
    All our products go through a thorough quality process. Both in its design, production, creation and shipping. So when our products leave our facilities they have been duly verified and verified. All of them include a sealed, verified sheet signed by one of our verifiers.
    With this purpose and for the peace of mind of the end user, once the gift is finished and before its shipment, we send you an image or video, where you can see the finished product. Because our products are customized, and exclusive to the person who orders them, we cannot accept returns, as there is no option to relocate them to be tailor-made. Likewise and so that this does not happen, not only do we make the product as you tell us, but also, during the design and before the final creation, we send you a virtual presentation of it to have your ok, or failing that modify something. After this we move on to your production and final verification. After all these steps, we understand that the end result will be your total acceptance and your success assured. Although we put all our effort into making everything go well, in an infimo percentage of cases, it could be that the order arrived erroneo, or you received a product that was not the right one due to logistics and handling problems. In that case we would take care of resolving it for free for you and fix the error as soon as possible. If, on the contrary, by mistake in the manipulation of the agency or its bad treatment this is damaged, for our part we will repair it for free assuming your shipping costs, as long as the agency is not responsible.
  • Can I request an invoice?
    Yes, the system will automatically send you a copy of your order in PDF format. And if you wish to request it and we will send you a personalized invoice of your purchase with your details. Remember that for this you must provide us with your VAT/ROI/VATtax number.

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